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Time : 2021-12-10 Hits : 58

ECG paper are often used in hospitals and some medical institutions to detect the heart rate of patients. Doctors can intuitively understand the patient's condition by observing the ECG paper. Then, what are the specifications of the ECG paper? Next, let me introduce to you.

Common ECG paper specifications:
● 50mm×20m, 50mm×30m, 210mm×30m
● The ECG paper is made of pure wood pulp base paper, so that the ECG paper can absorb ink evenly. The paper has a tight texture and stable quality. It is coated with multiple layers to make the printing clearer. Our logistics adopts double-layer packaging, carton and film, waterproof and moisture-proof. Scratch, safer to use, safer to transport.
● Reminder: When placing ECG paper, avoid high temperature environment, avoid direct sunlight, and avoid long-term storage under fluorescent lights. It should be placed below 70°C. If placed at a temperature above 70°C for a long time, it may cause product color. Changes occur, affecting actual use.
● The above editor introduces the specifications of the ECG paper and the precautions when placing the ECG. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.