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The electrocardiograph is an instrument used to record the physiological electrical signals generated by the heart activity. Its powerful function is one of the commonly used instruments in clinical examination. It has a very wide range of applications, which can be divided into the following points:

● It has important diagnostic value for arrhythmia and conduction disorders.
● The diagnosis of myocardial infarction has high accuracy. It can not only determine the presence or absence of myocardial infarction, but also determine the location, scope and evolution of the infarction.
It is of great help in the diagnosis of atrioventricular myomegaly, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, coronary artery insufficiency and pericarditis.
● It can help understand the effects of certain drugs (such as digitalis, quinidine) and electrolyte disturbances on the myocardium.
● As a time mark of electrical information, electrocardiogram is often used for heart function measurements such as heart sound, echocardiogram, impedance blood flow chart, and other cardiac electrophysiological studies to be synchronized to determine the time.
● ECG monitoring has been widely used in ECG monitoring in surgery, anesthesia, medication observation, aerospace, sports, etc., as well as the rescue of critically ill patients.

The reason why this application can be obtained is based on its principle. Then I will tell you the principle of the electrocardiograph: the bioelectric changes of the heart itself are reflected on the surface of the body through the conductive tissues and body fluids around the heart, so that various parts of the body are in the body. Regular electrical changes also occur in every cardiac cycle.

The essence of the principle of electrocardiogram is to use the electrocardiograph to record the changes in electrical activity patterns of the heart during each cardiac cycle from the body surface. The electrical change curve of the heart recorded by placing the measuring electrode on a certain part of the surface of the human body is the electrocardiogram that is routinely recorded in clinical practice.

The above content is the application scope and principle of the electrocardiograph, hope to help everyone better understand the electrocardiograph