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Time : 2021-12-10 Hits : 198

Thermal paper labels have always occupied a large proportion in the field of self-adhesive labels and are highly competitive. In order to help customers cope with the current incentives of competition, the company will soon launch 50 grams of base paper for first and third protection thermal paper The materials are very cost-effective. The two products are tentatively scheduled as follows:

Product number: HH5160H,HH5360H
New product structure:
one heat-sensitive paper/supermarket hot melt adhesive/50 white glassine without back printing,
Three anti-thermal paper/supermarket hot melt adhesive/50 white glassine without back printing

It should be noted that the surface materials of the two products are about 72 grams, and the 50 grams of bottom paper only has white glassine instead of blue glassine.

During the promotion period, both products provide arbitrary width slitting services. After the promotion period is over, the three-proof product HH5360H will decide whether to continue arbitrarily cutting according to the feedback of market usage.

As we all know, thermal printing realizes the output of graphics and text through the thermal surface paper of the print head. Unlike thermal transfer printing, there is no reduction in printing pressure due to the reduction of the backing paper weight, which affects the clarity of the graphics and text. .