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What Is Bond Paper?
Sep 18, 2017

Bond paper is a sturdy, high quality, durable paper consisting of up to 100% wiper paper. May be known for its important role in the office, as a preferred document for letterheads, envelopes and other official documents, and also for memos, announcements, manuals, leaflets, communications, reports, personalized stationery, brochures and publications. ATM, cash register, engineering and architectural drawings also use this article. The acidless version is used to save, for example, staggered file data. It also provides pre-printed designs or borders.

Crafts use

Bond paper is dated from printed bonds and legal documents, but is now used for a variety of handicrafts. For example, it can be used to create a model aircraft. Bond paper is also used to produce drawing paper and easel paper for various media, including crayons, pencils, color labels and paints. It has white, as well as soft and bright colors such as blue, buff, canary, lemon yellow, red, salmon and watermelon, making it an increase in the versatility of cutting and pasting items such as Christmas ornaments and cutting snowflakes Product.

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