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  • A4 Label

    Usage: Suitable for printing with inkjet or laser printers, photocopying or handwriting.
    Size: A4. Can be cutted in small sizes and rectangle or round shape;
    Paper colour:...
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  • Printed Label

    Usage: Weight scale printing, logistic, shipping marks for promotion or advertisement. Can be used by supermarket, stores, warehouses;
    Size: 40mm×30mm, 58mm×40mm, 60mm×40mm, 2”x1”, 4”x6”,...
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  • Coloured Label

    Usage: Weight scale printing, logistic for thermal label printer and electronic scales. Can be used by supermarket, stores, express company, factories;
    Size: 40mm×30mm, 58mm×40mm,...
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  • Offset Label

    Usage: For price tag, or marking, computer printing.
    Size: 21mm×12mm, 23mm×16mm, 26mm×12mm, 26mmx16mm, etc.;
    Core: cardboard or plastic core, 1”, 25mm;
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  • Semigloss Label

    Usage: Specially used for promotion or marking.
    Size: 58mm×40mm, 60mm×40mm, 2”x1”, 4”x6”, etc.;
    Core: cardboard core, 1”, 40mm, etc.;
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  • Thermal Transfer Label

    Usage: Logistics, shipping marks on package, address, shelf for label printer with ribbon. Can be used by express company, warehouse.
    Size:40mm×30mm, 58mm×40mm, 60mm×40mm, 2”x1”, 4”x6”,...
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