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Quality identification methods of thermal Paper
Jun 11, 2018

Thermal Paper quality identification methods 

1. Appearance: if the paper is very white, it indicates that the protective coating and thermal sensitive coating of the paper are unreasonable and excessive fluorescent powder is added. The better paper should be slightly green. Poor finish or uneven appearance indicates that the paper coating is not uniform. If the paper looks highly reflective, it is also added too much phosphor, which is not good quality.

2, fire with fire: baking method is simple, with a lighter heating on the back of the paper, if after heating, the paper is now out of brown color and specification thermal formula is not very reasonable, save the time may be more short, if the paper is on the black part with thin stripes or uneven color piece, uneven coating. Better quality paper should be dark green (with a bit of green) when heated, and the color should be even and the color will fade from the center to the periphery.

3, sunlight contrast identification: will print out the paper with fluorescent pen after daub on the sun (which can accelerate thermosensitive coating light reaction), fastest turn black, what kind of paper that can save the shorter the time.

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