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Printing screen printing are applicable to those products?
Aug 04, 2016

Printing screen printing are applicable to those products?

Screen printing is very wide range of uses. Any kind of objects are objects that can serve as a hardcopy and, of course, except for fluids. Comment screen printing: If you want to find the ideal printing on Earth, to printing purposes, that is likely to be printed.

Silk printing applications in the following areas: 1. paper printing such as: fine art printing, books, advertising labels, Ming version, pictorials, calendars, and so on. Label printing: printing mode printing, packaging printing, wallpaper, 2. plastic print: plastic film PVC, vinyl graphic toys, school supplies bags, plastic bags, and so on. 3. wood products printing: handicraft, lacquer, wood crafts, and so on. Processing semi-finished: sporting goods, wood, ceilings, road signs, metal plates, etc. 4. metal products: metal, metal plates, steel metal. 5. print glass products, ceramic products: mirrors, glass plates, cups, bottles, etc. 6. sign text panels, dials, forming articles. 7. Circuit Board printing: printed circuit board, civil or industrial base plate, thick-film integrated circuit boards. 8. printing and dyeing: dyeing, flags, cloth, towels, handkerchiefs, shirts, jackets, knitwear, and so on. Other printed materials: pockets, shoes, bibs, and all kinds of bags, backpacks, purses, bags and so on. 9. the printed leather products, shoes and so on;

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