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Principle of printing color
Aug 04, 2016

1. definition of printing:

1.1. printing is based on the manuscript in a variety of different ways, made of plates, in suites (regardless of the printing plate) and ink (regardless of the ink) to publishes the material covered and then put pressure on ink transfer attached on the layout of the

In the substrate, which is printing.

1.2. offset printing: printing is a thin piece of metal, inking printed and not printed parts are in the same plane. Chemical and physical methods of treatment, different nature of layout is divided into two parts, namely, part Mexican and non-Mexican.

2. light colors

2.1. in the case of light, one can see the scenery, and color if the environment in the absence of light, you can't see all of the scenery and colors. So: just make people feel the only substance of body form and color.

2.2. the white light of polychromatic light, upon dispersion into red, Orange, green, yellow, and green processes, processes,

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